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OHCPlays – Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Session 1

This week we start a journey friends. This will be the first installment of many to come of what appears to be a very promising game. Jamage, MechaTodzilla, and Mr. Day all three have chosen a character and will now dive head first into the land of Pandora. Their skills will be put to the test as they loot, shoot, and crack jokes all the way to whatever ending this story has! Join us as we periodically add to our journey and see what mayhem comes of it! Continue reading OHCPlays – Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Session 1

OHCPlay – Forza Horizon Chapter 2: Co-op Challenges

We dive deeper into the world of Forza Horizon this week and do our best to knock out as many challenges as we can. Road trips, paint trading, drafting, and many shenanigans were had  in this weeks episode. Knocking out challenges left and right was never easier or more fun than when grabbing a few friends and shredding some rubber on the virtual pavement! DON’T FORGET TO FIND THE HORRIBLE JOKE! Continue reading OHCPlay – Forza Horizon Chapter 2: Co-op Challenges

OHCPlay – Forza Horizon

Jump behind the wheel in this weeks episode of OHCPlays as we thrash the streets in Forza Horizon. Chadmin, Jimmy, Matt, and Todd all duke it out in a wide variety of vehicles to see who the best wheel man will be! Who will prevail take to take the victory home? Dive into this weeks episode to find out!
Continue reading OHCPlay – Forza Horizon

OHCPlay – Overwatch: Origins Edition

After a few weeks of hectic life, WE ARE BACK! Chadmin, Jimmy, Todd, and Matt are trying defend their honor and ride the wave of wins as they use a wide array of characters. Will their teamwork be enough to bring them the victories they seek? How many Play Of The Games will the newcomer Jimmy get his first week? FIND OUT IN THIS WEEKS EPISODE!

Special Thanks to Chadmin for playing along with us a few games this week! Feel Free to check out his YouTube and drop a like!

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