OHCPlay – Overwatch: Origins Edition

After a few weeks of hectic life, WE ARE BACK! Chadmin, Jimmy, Todd, and Matt are trying defend their honor and ride the wave of wins as they use a wide array of characters. Will their teamwork be enough to bring them the victories they seek? How many Play Of The Games will the newcomer Jimmy get his first week? FIND OUT IN THIS WEEKS EPISODE!

Special Thanks to Chadmin for playing along with us a few games this week! Feel Free to check out his YouTube and drop a like!

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OHCPlay Highlights – Episode 1 – “Trash Talk and Destruction”

Today I have a big announcement.

Have you though, “Hey I really love OHCPlay but I just don’t always have the time to watch a full episode. I wish there was another way for me to enjoy those videos.”

If you have had that exact thought, fret no longer. OHCPlay Highlights is here!

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